: Structure & Steel

The stable conversion is starting to take shape at Royal Oak. We’ve replaced the roof, and added the new heritage roof lights which will flood the upstairs gallery with light. Less glamorously (but equally important), we’re starting to excavate the floor so we can get tons of insulation in and hit our sustainability targets.
We’ve also got a couple of new projects lined up – more next time!

: Victorian Stable Conversion at Royal Oak

With the houses finished and ready for their owners, we’re moving on to the final stage of the Royal Oak redevelopment – conversion of the old stables to a stunning bungalow, with vaulted ceiling and balcony office. Working in the small space will be a challenge, but we’re looking forward to tackling it!
New stable elevations

: Royal Oak Mews almost done!

We’re very excited to be at the final stages of Royal Oak Mews. The turf went down yesterday, the carpets are going in this week, and the driveway’s going down as I write. We wish our new owners every happiness in their new homes!

: Breaking ground at Royal Oak

We’re very excited about next week – we are finally breaking ground for the cottages we’re building to the rear of Royal Oak House (formerly the Pride of Kent). Using modern, innovative building techniques, we hope to have the structure up and watertight by the end of October – watch this space!

: Manor Cottage - for sale

We’ve finally finished at Manor Cottage, in the heart of Headcorn High Street. It’s been a real joy to work here, not only because we’ve had the satisfaction of resurrecting a fabulous old building, but also because the people of Headcorn have really made us welcome. Hardly a day has gone by without someone stopping for a chat, often sharing their memories of the house and it’s owners in days gone by, and wishing us well with it. It’s a well-loved local house, and we’ve had a real sense of responsibility to the village when working on it.
We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with it – take a look at the photos here, and I hope you’ll agree that Manor Cottage is now a luxurious family home, full of character, full of light and sunshine, and soon to be full of love and laughter and fun.
If you think this might be the perfect place for you and your family, please take a look at the full details here and then get in touch – we’d love to show you around.

Entrance Hall Entrance Hall Entrance Hall

: Royal Oak flat - new owner!

Congratulations to our new owner in the old landlord’s flat at the Royal Oak! With vast sash windows letting the sunshine in and a beautiful finish throughout, we know you will have years of fun and happiness here!

: Manor Cottages nearing completion

Well, the tiler started today at Manor Cottages, the decorators are in, and the kitchen is due soon. Finally, this somewhat-dilapidated old lady is coming back to her former glory – a fabulous five-bed family home inside a traditional Wealden timber-framed house. It was nice to see that almost all the original timber framing was in good condition, and we’ve also retained a lot of the original lathe, daub and lime plasterwork, while still managing to fit in plenty of insulation and all the accoutrements of modern living. It’s been a great project to work on – a real sense of achievement that we’ve saved an historic building for future generations to love.

: Pride of Kent - permission granted

It’s been a busy and exciting week at Raspberry Homes! After much discussion, we’ve just been granted permission for the revised design for three houses to the rear of the Pride of Kent, in the old car park and beer garden. We’re currently trying to schedule this project, but work is likely to commence in the second half of 2014.

: Works Commence at Manor Cottage

The listed building and conservation team at Maidstone have approved the final part of our plans to completely renovate this beautiful old building. We’re starting work today, beginning with removing the asbestos that’s been put in over the years and making the site safe to work in. We should be full steam ahead in the New Year!

: Listed Cottage in Headcorn

We are very excited to announce the start of our new project! We’ve just taken on a beautiful Grade II-listed cottage in Headcorn. It will need a huge amount of work, but will be a fabulous family home when it’s finished. Watch this space!

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