Bathroom Shopping

The conversion of our beautiful barns is going full-steam ahead. First fix is all but finished, the tackers are busy filling walls with insulation, and I’m writing this while waiting for delivery of the bathroom suites. Shopping for bathrooms for a build like this is always one of the fun parts of the job. The spaces in barns are often quirky, and finding innovative ways to use them always leads to lively discussions between the designer and the plumber! Vaulted sloping ceilings in the master bathroom here inspired a free-standing roll-top bath with a hanging traditional circular curtain rail enveloping it, and modern floor-standing taps to set it off. I can’t wait to see it finished!

Wildlife Watch

One of the best bits about working on a rural project like this is the variety of wildlife you interact with – particularly in old barns like our lovely conversions in Headcorn. The blackbirds nesting in the roof have already successfully raised one brood, and are noisily feeding their second batch of chicks; our swallow pair are swooping in & out through one of the old windows up to their mud-house tucked against one of the ceiling joists; and all manner of amphibians are noisily impressing their mates in the ponds. We’ll wait for all the young ones to fledge before closing up the openings they’re using – we can work around them for now. Enjoy the summer, everyone!

Floors down

We finally poured the floors at the end of May, and have started putting the internal walls in place. It’s now that you can really see how these former agricultural buildings will work as modern family homes – how the light pours in, the sightlines over the open countryside, where the cosy wood fires will burn. We’ve also had a long think about the gardens, and will start to chivvy the existing planting into shape and prepare for the new turf, flower beds and pathways. It seems like ages away, but some preparation now will definitely pay dividends later!

Bank Holiday Sunshine

Our beautiful barns in Headcorn are really starting to look lovely. We’ve done a lot of tidying up – replacing tired timbers, repointing, new weatherboarding – as well as the more serious structural stuff (new foundations, rebuilding brickwork, steelworks) – and it really shows. We brought the scaffolding down this month, and the change is remarkable. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s clear that these will be something special, nestled in a quiet lane in the countrysides. The plan for this month is to finish putting the internal drainage in and then insulate and screed the floors. By the end of May we’ll be working on the internals, and they will really be starting to take shape. Watch this space!

April Fool

Our lovely new tenants took possession of the Collier St Barn today, and are busy preparing their new home. It’s always great to see what people can create on the blank canvases we prepare – the imagination of people with furnishings, rugs, pictures and plants always amazes me. We hope they’ll be very happy there for years to come!

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